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Renewal and The Miracle of Birth

In honor of two dear sweet women, Tricia and Desiree, who recently gave birth, I would like to share a piece that I wrote a while back.

You need only to witness the miracle of birth, experiencing how delicate and fragile and yet how strong and resilient Gods creatures are to be in awe and find a deep gratitude for life. At any moment our precious life could be changed forever, or snatched away.

Each day, miraculously, a new dawn presents itself and we are once again given the choice as to what we will do with it. Our decision will be ours to make, based on whatever perceptions, or reality we are embodying in the moment. For it is truly up to us to create the road we will travel each and every day. This concept, or way of viewing life may be difficult to grasp, as we have all, at one time or another been so completely enmeshed in our story and emotions, that it is difficult to see things any other way. Or, believe that we have the ability to change things simply with our way of thinking.

This way of living life can only be found through direct experience and reprogramming your thoughts. One of the ways to begin to train your mind is to move into stillness and find the calm center that is always there with you no matter what life storms you may be going through. There will still be storms, however, knowing and being able to access your calm still center is what helps you to weather them, or move through them with grace. For the only way out is through.

The way into the peaceful center begins with mindfulness of your thoughts, surroundings, sense perceptions and breath. I invite all of you to find some time to rest in your calm still center, even if it is only for a few moments a day. Any place will do. I particularly like finding a place out in nature, where I am surrounded by the natural sounds of the world.

Walk in love and peace my fellow travelers.

Navigating Deep Waters of Emotion



One of the things that can often get in the way of living a joyful life is getting caught up in emotions. Whether they are positive, or negative, getting lost in emotion causes suffering. How do we live from a place of acknowledging emotions, and at the same time not getting lost in them? The first step is to learn not to identify with the emotion itself. The second step is to get out of our story that we have attached to the emotion. For instance, “this always happens to me.” With this statement, we bring in every other time that we have felt this same emotion and it becomes overwhelming, thereby paralyzing us into identifying from the same negative state of mind and setting up the cycle of entrapment. If instead, we were able to witness that a familiar feeling has arisen and perhaps look at it through curious eyes, or that of an explorer with a high-beamed flashlight shining on the emotion, we would then be able to experience the emotion with some objectivity and gain insight into the nature of the emotion. Being able to look at an emotion objectively, allows one to learn and grown from it, instead of getting lost in it. When we can feel it, identify where it comes from, without getting attached to it, we are then able to let it flow through us, thereby releasing it. This way, the emotion is less likely to have a hold on us the next time it comes up and the initial charge we had around it will not be as big. It may take several times encountering an emotion and using this method to release it, as emotions are like the grooves in a riverbed. When the water flows down the same river, time and time again, it forms a pattern. Our emotions are like this riverbed and in order to change the pattern, we need to change the flow of our thoughts. In order to imprint the new pattern, we need to repeat it, each time the emotion arises, to establish the new groove.

New Website

I am so pleased to be tackling this project; the website you’re starting to see shape up within these pages! It’s been a long time coming, but now that it’s here I’m eager to start sharing with you. Look for topics like:

  • Health Tips
  • Coping Healthfully with Emotions
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga Tips
  • Etc.